CONPERA - Design process management

We have made it our goal to serve as a strong partner in all phases of development processes.

CONPERA stands out through its cooperative and goal-oriented team. Quality, reliability and commitment are the top priorities of all our staff members and contractors.

The Company

CONPERA is a service provider in the field of design development. We combine strategic resource management with professional outsourcing and are able to offer a network of experts from diverse speciality fields. These highly qualified specialists, made up of staff members as well as external contractors, come from such diverse areas as design, prototyping, and project management, and all have in common a strong sense of quality, reliability, and commitment.
Based on our individual supervision and coordination of their work in each section of the project phase, we ensure that the assignments of duties, which we receive from our customers, are precisely implemented by our specialists. Your projects benefit from this type of cross-divisional coordination and you will be presented with the optimal solutions for your running product development processes.